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What can I expect the day of my Shoot?

Arrive on your shoot day 10 to 15 minutes early to get set up before shoot time.

 You'll want to arrive with your clothing, jewelry, props, and anything else you may want to include for your pictures.

 We'll look through and make styling decisions on which sets at our location to use, for each of your outfits.

 Once you are ready we will take a few test shots and get started! This is when it all goes down!

 A full 2 to 3 outfit session can last 1.5 - 2.0 hours.

Session Fee Information

-A $200 session fee is required before we shoot and includes:  Retouching, Post Production Work, and the Time & Talent of the Photographer.

-There is Fourteen (14) day ONLINE ordering gallery, for you to select your best shots.

-Retro Retouching includes mild blemish removal, light skin smoothing, color balance and Image Enhancement. 

**NO prints are included in the session fee.**

As with any custom work - all sales are final and pricing is non-negotiable

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